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Keynote Speakers:

József Kovács, Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary
Professor of Bioethics, Head of Department of Bioethics
Director of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences

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Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, John Cabot University, Rome
Director of the Beyond Humanism Network
Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Research Fellow at the Ewha Institute for the Humanities of Ewha Womans University/Seoul
Visiting Fellow at the Ethics Centre of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

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Special Sessions:

Special Session on Environmental Ethics
Session organizer: Prof. János I. Tóth, University of Szeged
Special session description: This session will focus on issues such as the relationship between environmental ethics and bioethics; anthropocentrism; intrinsic value; animal welfare and rights; biodiversity; climate change; economic, environmental, social and demographic aspects of sustainability; environmental ethics education.


Global Bioethics or the Globalization of Bioethics. Challenges and Perspectives
Session organizer: "Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad, Romania
Contact: Prof. Antoanela Naaji,
Special Session Description: Bioethics, mostly present in western countries, appeared in the second half of the 20th century as an answer to the science advancements in genetics and medical biotechnology. Today, bioethics is in a new stage of development, a global one, thus becoming an educational tool and an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue. Needless to say, it is at the same time a highly significant promotional tool for scientific research. Globalization has brought a large spectrum of issues to the field of bioethics – therefore, specialists are trying to implement a legal universal and ethical frame related to bioethics in its new international context. Through its global activity, bioethics answers needs pertaining to education, the integrity of research, organ trade and transplant tourism, the biopharmaceutical industry, bioethics committees, human enhancement, etc.
These are some of the issues this special session will deal with. All interested specialists are welcome!

Special Session for PhD candidates and young researchers in bioethics
Session organizer: West University of Timisoara (Romania) through Florin Lobont
Contact: Prof. Florin Lobont,
Special Session Description: This section, organized in cooperation with the Philosophy and Communication Sciences Department,  West University of Timisoara, will host individual and collectively-authored presentations by young researchers in bioethics and their coordinators, with special focus on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives involving this fast expanding field. A broad variety of perspectives on bioethics, including philosophical, psychological, medical, sociological, juridical, anthropological, critical-cultural, etc. from universities, institutes of research and by individual researchers from all over the world are expected to engage in a fruitful exchange of ideas.